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ADO A20 XE ADO A20 - E Bike - Elektrische Vouwfiets - 20 Inch - Shimano 7 Speed- 350W - Lithuim Batterij 10.4Ah - Max.35Km/h

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ADO A20 XE lightweight folding electric bike

ADO A20 XE has a 10.4AH removable lithium battery, providing superb range, and the body has multiple shock absorbing design with double disc brake system, making it safe to ride and smooth to brake, making it a good partner for your daily commute.

Upgraded Paint and Dual Disc Brakes

The paint was changed from a single coat of spray paint to 4 coats of spray paint and 4 bakes to enhance the durability of the color and make it less susceptible to discoloration.

The front and rear wheels are equipped with a double disc brake system with fast heat dissipation design to ensure smooth braking and safe braking in emergency situations.


G-DRIVE Pedal Assist

Control System

The ADO G-Drive frequency conversion control system can quickly receive signals, and detect, collect and analyze the vehicle to respond to different road conditions.

Different power assist modes can be switched at will while riding and collected in real-time to effectively reduce energy loss.

250W Powerful Brushless Geared Hub Motor

The newly upgraded high temperature resistant inner ring has better heat dissipation, which can reduce the decay speed of the motor magnet and ensure a longer service life.

The maximum motor torque is 80Nm, and the power is very strong, which can take you farther and conquer various road conditions.


Removable 10.4AH

Lithium Battery

The lithium-ion battery of ADO electric bicycle has the functions of overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and short circuit protection. After 1000 charging times, the battery still maintains 80% of its capacity.

The battery cover is sealed and waterproof, effectively isolating the internal lithium-ion battery, protecting your safety and extending battery life.

Ingenious & Handy

Folding Design

The convenient tri-fold design quickly folds in 10 seconds. You can effortlessly fit into the trunk for an easy ride anytime, anywhere.

Ultra-light frame material, easy to lift and effortless, easy access to commuting places such as elevators and offices.

Shimano 7-Speed Transmission

ADO chose Shimano 7-speed derailleurs for the A20XE because of Shimano's reputation and proven performance. The Shimano 7-speed transmission rides very well when combined with the 3-speed adjustable power assist.
0 gear without power, driven by pedal.
1-3 gears, low speed;
3-5 gears, medium speed;
5-7 gears, high speed;



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